Tour d’Arts Alive Team Prizes:

Yes we offer Team prizes! Of course a sportive is all about the thrill of the challenge, however our event promotes inclusivity and a supportive atmosphere, that’s why we are continuing on from previous years and offering team prizes for those who saddle up and cross the finishing line together!
We offer the following prizes:

  • Special medals to any team of 5+ people who start and finish together on any route.
  • The biggest team to finish together will be presented with our craftsman-made Team Prize plate – you can keep it for a year!




Why not get a village, work or panto team together? Here are the rules:
1. Tell us that you are in a team – there’s an opportunity to give us the team name when you enter, if you forget please tell us via email before the event day
2. Ride together and finish together – we count you at the finish (a team of 6 that splits up during the ride with 4 finishing together and another 2 coming in later will be counted as 4 towards the Team Prize)
3. Consider wearing matching tops, or some other identifying mark (on you or on your bikes) so we can see you are in a team
4. Important – no additions on the event day, organise your team before the day
5. How to Win – the trophy plate goes to the biggest team to finish together, if there’s a tie then the prize will be shared.
6. Have fun and look out for each other.

How to do it:
• Before you enter discuss with friends/club mates what you’re going to call the team
• Remind all team members to enter the team name when they sign up for the event
• If anyone forgets to say they are in the team please email us so we can update our records

On the event day please ride together helping all team members get around. When you finish make sure the finish line judge knows you are a team and how many have finished together – that’s why wearing an identifying mark or clothing would help.